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The Telalert system constantly monitors the level of liquid gas in storage at each customers site and alerts Air Products South Africa when deliveries are required. With Telalert telemetry, customers’ changing needs can be communicated directly via email, to reduce the occurrence of emergency deliveries and product supply interruptions. The Telalert system is web-based, offering easy access to customers and authorised personnel via internet enabled devices, including tablets and mobile phones.

The Telalert system

  • Automatically monitors gas usage rates to promote increased security of gas supply.
  • Alerts Air Products Customer Care Centre when the liquid levels have reached a preset alarm level.
  • Optionally monitors the available pressure in each liquid storage tank.
  • Graphically indicates the remaining product inventory and shows status classification by a simple colour-coded display.
  • Eliminates need to manually monitor storage levels, thereby saving time.
  • Effectively monitors gas usage from each individual storage tank.

BIP® Technology

The BIP® Technology is a complete purification system contained within a cylinder. It consists of a purifier bed and a patented valve. Gas filling the cylinder bypasses the purifier. It is then purified as it is withdrawn through the purifier bed.

Experis® mixtures

Experis® Mixtures are used for function testing and calibration of gas detectors.


The periodic function, or bump testing, and calibration of gas detection equipment is critical to workforce safety and plant protection. Air Products’ Experis® range of specialty gases deliver certified, traceable, and stable mixtures in a wide range of package options to support this need.

The Experis® range incorporates all commonly used calibration gas mixtures. The most popular choice is the non-refillable, or disposable canister, favoured for its ease of use and portability. Canisters enable tests to be carried out in the field as well as in the workshop.

Industries we serve

The Experis® calibration and test gas range covers all the gas hazards typically found in the following industries, and many more:

  • Agriculture
  • Aviation
  • Beverage production
  • Chemical
  • Fire service
  • Food production
  • Gas utilities
  • Hazardous materials
  • Metal production
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Marine / Shipyard
  • Nuclear
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemicals
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Public works
  • Water treatment

For full details please refer to our comprehensive product list.

Stability and shelf life

Gas mixture stability and shelf life are critical for reliable and accurate gas detection. The Experis® calibration and test gas mixture range guarantees product stability of up to 5 years. Advanced canister preparation techniques, high integrity filling manifolds and the use of ultra-high purity raw materials all contribute to the long term stability of our gas mixtures.

Purifier Bed

The purifier bed removes oxygen, moisture, hydrocarbons, halocarbons, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide from inert gases. Exposed only to our own high-quality gas, the bed is sealed inside the cylinder in an inert atmosphere at high pressure.


Our specifications and guarantees are based on empirical data from controlled studies. We verify the performance of every purifier during manufacturing, and check purifiers after they are installed in cylinders. We do not have to regenerate the purifiers every time we refill a BIP cylinder. An ongoing quality control program tracks the actual performance of the cylinders according to the number of refill cycles. Because we know the purifier’s properties, the actual concentrations of the impurities in our gases, and the number of times a cylinder is refilled during its lifetime, we can control and guarantee the lifetime of the purifiers to a tight specification.


The patented valve has features that protect the internal purifier from accidental contamination by air or a user’s process line.

Patented Valve

The patented valve has two features that protect the internal purifier from accidental contamination by air or a user’s process line:

  • A check valve protects both the purifier and the cylinder interior from any gas present at the valve outlet at a pressure higher than cylinder pressure. It also prevents Air Products from filling the cylinder through the purifier.
  • The check valve also functions as a residual pressure valve. It closes when the cylinder pressure drops to approximately 50 psig (3 barg), maintaining a positive pressure in the cylinder at all times. Thus, the cylinder cannot be drained and the interior accidentally exposed to atmospheric O2 and H2O if the cylinder valve should be left open. The check/residual pressure valve is a redundant system protecting the purifier and cylinder.
  • The BIP cylinder valve also incorporates an additional gas flow path that is accessed by a secondary or bypass valve. This flow path connects the interior of the cylinder with the valve outlet, bypassing the flow path to the purifier, thus allowing the BIP cylinders to be filled around the purifier and not through it.