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Air Products South Africa (Pty) Ltd. will be an industry leader in environmental, health and safety performance and are committed to the following basic principles in managing our businesses in South Africa:  
  • Compliance with all applicable environmental, health, and safety laws and regulations, and other requirements.
  • Continual improvement in health, safety and security performance with the goal of zero injuries.
  • Continual reduction of the environmental impact of our operations.
  • Design and operation of our plants and facilities in a manner that protects the environment and the health, safety and security of our employees, contractors and the public.
  • Development and production of products that can be manufactured, distributed, used, and recycled or disposed of in a safe, secure and sustainable manner.
  • Existing and new environmental, health and safety risks are understood and managed through our Risk Management processes.
  • Transparent discussion of our environmental, health and safety practices and performance.
  • Consultation and participation of all employees in the planning, implementation and continual improvement of the environmental, health and safety management system.

Our vision is to be a leader in protecting the environment, health and safety of all our employees, customers and communities in which we operate.

Environmental Protection Values

Sound environmental management is critical to Air Products’ success.


We Believe:

  • We have a responsibility to protect the environment through sustainable development …
    for future generations;
  • We have an obligation to protect human health and the environment for the benefit of the communities in which we operate;
  • We can manage our environmental impacts by maintaining full compliance with our environmental permits, preventing accidental releases, and ultimately reducing wastes and emissions of toxic and hazardous materials in support of our sustainability goals;
  • Resources must be conserved and used efficiently…
    to foster environmental stewardship.

Occupational Health Values

Air Products is committed to providing working conditions which will promote high levels of well-being for all of its employees.


We Believe:

  • Our employees are our greatest asset…
    their health and wellness on and off the job is vital;
  • Workplace health risks can be identified…
    and can be controlled;
  • Management is responsible for controlling health risks and exposures… and ensuring illness prevention is practiced in every place where we work;
  • Each employee is responsible for their individual health protection… and ensuring our occupational health practices are followed.

Total Safety Values

Total Safety is the ongoing integration of safety into all activities with the objective of attaining industry leadership in safety performance.

We Believe:

  • Nothing is more important than safety…
    not production, not sales, not profits;
  • All accidents and injuries are preventable…
    not inevitable;
  • Safety is a management responsibility…
    and safety can be managed;
  • Safety is an individual responsibility…
    and a condition of employment;
  • Safety is a way of life…
    around the clock;
  • Every task must be performed with a concern for safety…
    for ourselves, our fellow employees, our contractors, our visitors, our customers and the communities in which we operate.

A commitment to total safety is the commitment to doing things right. Ultimately this results in elimination of injuries and optimisation of all activities.

Process Safety Values

Process safety is critical to Air Products and the safety of our employees, customers and the communities in which we operate. While we recognize it is not possible to eliminate all process safety risks, we will strive to reduce risks to a tolerable level.

We Will:

  • Be an industry leader in process safety.
  • Implement a global process safety management system, applying best practices consistently across the company.
  • Strive to prevent process safety incidents by designing, building, operating and maintaining facilities and equipment through sound engineering practices and operating discipline.
  • Use a global risk management framework, applying hazard rate criteria consistently in addressing significant risks.

Quality Policy

Air Products South Africa (Pty) Ltd. will be the preferred supplier of industrial and specialty gases at the highest levels of safety and quality using world class proven technology, service, engineering and distribution capabilities whilst, maintaining sound profitable practices.


  • We are committed to meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • We set and regularly review business goals and objectives to ensure the quality of our products and services.
  • We are committed to delivering products and services to specification on time.
  • We are dedicated to continual improvement of our overall quality performance and the development of employees’ skills to perform their role with the objective of industry leadership.
  • We maintain a Management System that meets our needs and requirements and perform regular reviews to determine and prioritise opportunities for improvement.
  • Business goals and objectives are communicated, understood and implemented across the company.

SHEQ Certifications

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality are key strategic and operational elements for Air Products South Africa and an important part of Air Products’ drive for continuous improvement and sustainability. In order to manage SHEQ efficiently and effectively and to provide assurance of our commitment and capability the company has implemented and become certified to a number of internationally recognised management system standards, including:

  • ISO 9001 for quality management at all facilities. The scope of this certification includes every aspect of the business, including production, management, finance, HR, purchasing, supply chain, and administration.
  • ISO 45001 for occupational health and safety management at all facilities
  • ISO 14001 for environmental Management at all gas manufacturing plants
  • ISO / FSSC 22000 for food safety management at all facilities involved in food grade gases.

SACGA Certificate