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Cryogenic/Non-Cryogenic Bulk

Air Products South Africa is one of the largest merchant industrial gas producers in Southern Africa. Air Products has, through skilled resources and global technological capabilities, been able to provide high quality service, matched with an excellent diverse product portfolio, to maintain its innovative approach to providing gas solutions.


Supply and Storage

A standard liquid storage facility consists of a cryogenic tank, vapouriser and controls which are selected in accordance with the usage rate and pressure.


The liquid product is transported via Air Products’ bulk road tankers to the customer’s site, as and when required. The investment in new technology ensures increased efficiencies as maximum payloads are created when delivering product to customer sites.


Bulk quantities of hydrogen are shipped in tube trailers and stored on site at customer locations. Customer gas consumptions and deliveries are fully managed by our Bulk Distribution forecasting system.

Air Products offers supply and storage to customers in all regions of South Africa as well as cross-border to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries.



Projects and Maintenance

Air Products provide turnkey solutions and maintenance of installations across a wide variety of industries such as (but not limited to) Food, Mining, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Power, Metals Production, Oil and Gas Production, Chemicals, Oil Refining, Glass Production, Rubber and Plastics, Analytical Labs & Research, Pulp & Paper, Welding and Cutting. Equipment such as cryogenic tanks, freezing tunnels, vaporisers, gas mixers, pumps, pressure control systems, Hydrogen trailers, PLC panels and remote monitoring systems, is sourced as per the customer’s requirements, installed as per the relevant standards and codes in the respective SADC regions. The equipment is then maintained for the term of the contract with maintenance support available on a 24-hour, 7-day a week cycle.