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Sasol is a sponsor of the Smarter Mobility Africa Summit and this year’s highly anticipated summit is intended to explore and showcase the future of mobility on the continent and abroad. Air Products South Africa and Toyota South Africa Motors are partnering with Sasol and will be launching a first in South Africa at the summit – a promising solution to decarbonise transportation and establish a new ecosystem that will alter the mobility sector, reducing our reliance on current forms of fuels. We would like to invite you to this event to be a part of the start of this exciting ecosystem.

Air Products has become the largest implementer of technologies in the hydrogen value chain over the last 60 years.


Globally, as the world’s largest hydrogen producer, Air Products takes their role of working towards a cleaner environment seriously. For this reason, the company works across all facets of the hydrogen value chain, including production technology, distribution, storage, and dispensing and has been a pioneer in hydrogen fuelling for decades. Air Products’ hands-on operating experience with over 250 hydrogen fuelling station projects in 20 countries, and the company’s technologies which are used in over 1.5 million fuelling operations annually, is testament to the leading role that hydrogen and the company plays in the energy transition.


By producing and distributing clean hydrogen energy solutions for use in heavy-duty fuel cell vehicles, industrial applications and energy storage, Air Products is helping to build a vibrant pathway to a cleaner energy future.


“Our position in the hydrogen market is the result of more than 60 years’ experience globally, coupled with a reputation of delivering safe, end-to-end solutions and investing in real, clean energy projects at scale. At Air Product South Africa we have positioned ourselves as an end-to-end hydrogen solutions provider on all aspects of green hydrogen supply value chain down to the end user. This partnership with Sasol and Toyota highlights our commitment to support companies on their sustainability journey and to play a role in leading the way for a cleaner energy future in South Africa.”


– Rob Richardson, Managing Director, Air Products –

Air Products, Sasol and Toyota’s Hydrogen Ecosystem Proof-of-Concept Demonstration a highlight at Smarter Mobility Africa Summit


Air Products, Sasol and Toyota made history at the Smarter Mobility Africa Summit, at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg in October 2023 with the presentation of South Africa’s first on-road demonstration of a hydrogen mobility ecosystem. The proof-of-concept used a second-generation Toyota Mirai fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) fuelled with hydrogen produced by Sasol and dispensing technology provided by Air Products, took several VIPs as passengers around a test track. The partnership between the three technology leaders was formed in 2021 to promote the use of hydrogen as a fuel of the future.

Air Products, Sasol and Toyota aims to Pave the Way for a Sustainable Future and will unveil a ground-breaking hydrogen mobility proof-of-concept at the Smarter Mobility Africa Summit on Monday 2 October. Don’t miss it.