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Air Products South Africa supplies a range of industrial gases and gas-based solutions to transport-related industries, ranging from aerospace to automotive and shipbuilding.


For many decades, metals processors and fabricators have come to rely on Air Products South Africa’s industrial gases, gas atmospheres, membrane separators, and technical support to help improve product quality,  reduce operating costs and maximise productivity. We offer a full range of high performance and industry standard gases, gas-handling equipment and technology, and global supply capability. For more in-depth information, please select your industry segment from the list below.


We offer a full range of high-performance and industry-standard gases for many other applications, including the following:

  • hydrogen and oxygen for rocket propulsion
  • nitrogen for autoclaves and environmental test chambers, wind tunnels, acoustical and laser testing, and pressurising and purging
  • helium for superconductors, leak detection, high-pressure pumping systems, blimps, weather balloons, and purging and pressurising of rocket and spacecraft fuel systems


As a leading industrial gas supplier and the world’s largest merchant hydrogen supplier, Air Products South Africa brings over five decades of experience in gas supply and safety to help you succeed.


With higher standards for clean air and a need for less dependence on foreign oil, interest in alternative fuels has never been greater. Hydrogen is abundant, efficient, and unlike other alternatives, it produces no emissions when used in a fuel cell. There are numerous developments underway around the world related to the use of hydrogen as fuel in marine applications. Both private and government agencies are developing products that rely on hydrogen fuel cells for the generation of clean, efficient and quiet power. As the world’s largest supplier of merchant hydrogen and an industry leader in hydrogen fuel infrastructure, Air Products is at the forefront of the development of hydrogen technologies in this emerging market.

Mass Transit

Faced with a need to reduce emissions, transit authorities, fleet owners and energy consumers around the world are recognising hydrogen as a clean and efficient alternative fuel. Hydrogen and blends of hydrogen and compressed natural gas (HCNG) are being used internationally in demonstration fleets of buses deployed in various types of service. Since 1993, Air Products has provided hydrogen and fueling infrastructure for bus programs that have demonstrated the benefits of this promising technology.

Material Handling

In a just-in-time marketplace, every hour spent changing, recharging and maintaining lead-acid forklift batteries eats into productivity. Now, thereis an alternative. Hydrogen fuel cells can help to enhance material handling operations through superior performance which helps to increase productivity. Globally, Air Products provides the hydrogen supply and fuelling infrastructure for fuel cell power packs, which are direct replacements for the industrial batteries used in forklifts, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and other material handling vehicles.


You can rely on Air Products South Africa for high-quality production however demanding the application. Our gases produce high-quality welds and precision cuts and are formulated to deliver greater quality and productivity, as well as the lowest exposure to ozone. You can get all your gases delivered the same  or next day, or alternatively, collect them from one of our outlets. So whenever a weld or cut is critical to you and your customers, you can have supreme confidence in Air Products’ ability to assist you.