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Air Products a Leader in Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP)

Palesa Mashigoane, Air Products Freshline® Product Manager

13 January 2022 – When it comes to leading the market in Specialty Gas products, Air Products is most definitely one of the front-runners, due to the quality and extensive range of products available. The Company’s position is further strengthened by its innovative culture, customer-centric approach, and technical expertise from the commercial and operations teams. 

By using modified atmospheric packaging (MAP), the product shelf life for various food products is significantly increased in a safe and natural way. MAP is known for its role in food safety and provide many benefits to food manufacturers and consumers. 

The three main gases used in MAP are Freshline® Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Freshline® Nitrogen (N2) and Freshline® Oxygen (O2). A single gas or a mixture of gases can be used, depending on the chemical and physical properties of the food being packaged.

Palesa Mashigoane, Air Products’ Freshline® Product Manager is knowledgeable and experienced and provides customers with valuable assistance and technical advice.

View the video as Palesa provides insight on the uses and benefits of MAP.

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